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How It Works

Focus On Action

  • Mindful app automatically converts the tasks assigned MindMap into ToDoList.

  • With a linear ToDoList, you can enjoy focused execution and actions without being distracted by non-related informations of current task.

  • With KanBan ( for iPad only ), you can enjoy  a seamless workflow for execution.

  • Separation the linear step by step execution from the divergent creative barnstorming is critical for execution efficiency.

Capture Ideas

  • Capture ideas in MindMap and organize information into a tree structure where each branch represents a related topic and each sub-node represents a sub-topics. 

  • Assign nodes or branches as tasks and build Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  to organize the tasks. 

Review & Plan

  • See the big picture and track progress.

  • Mindful app automatically converts the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) into GanttChart.

  • Auto schedule algorithm will make the default schedule on each task.

  • Users can manually schedule each task by dragging it to reposition and resize. 

  • Text Summary ( for iPad only ) uses statistical data to predict completion dates of projects.

Text Summary

Are you facing an impossible challenge?

  • Capture ideas with the best brainstorming tool -- MindMap.

  • Empower right brain visual thinking.

  • Amplify your creativity. 

ToDoList & KanBan
  • ​ToDoList for quick tasks

  • KanBan for long-task flow

  • Focus on execution with no distraction.

  • Plan project schedule.

  • Track progress.

  • Have the big picture.

  • Easy communication with managers.


David's Digital Sling LLC is dedicated to build tools to empower personal productivity.

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